Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Reusable "Unpaper" Towels; Eco-Friendly; Keep Paper Towels Out of Your Home; Keep 3000 Tons of Trash Out of the Landfills

A full 90% of American households use paper towels for cleaning every day. And after every paper towel is used to clean up a spill, dry someone's hands, or get that spot off the stove, it heads into the trash. And then into the landfill.

Thus, the saga of the paper towel is complete, explaining why a massive 3,000 tons of waste get thrown in the landfill every day because of them. It's a pretty daunting figure; 3,000 tons of anything heading to the landfill is pretty shocking. But when it's something as light—and seemingly frivolous as paper towels—it's especially striking.

We can help you solve this problem in your household:
Don't use them. Just don't. Keep them out of your home.
Preposterous, you say? Think of all the times you use paper towels throughout the day? They are so easy to grab while sitting on your counter on your paper towel rack. Now, which of those times couldn't you instead employ a reusable cloth or towel instead of a disposable one? To wipe off the stove? Nope. To clean up a spill on the floor? Still no.

Your first response will probably be the fact that you will increase your wash load but it is definitely worth it. There's just no good reason to contribute to the tons of landfill waste we've already got on our hands. It's so much better to clean with zero waste.

Now, I'm sure you don't want to keep some ugly towels or rags sitting on your counter so this is where we come in. Wouldn't you feel much better if you had this beautiful roll of towels sitting on your counter?

I absolutely fell in love with this owl print and it matches the Lime Green with White Butterflies so perfectly! And when you thought it couldn't get any cuter, we added a beautiful decorative stitching.

 When my husband cooks, he loves to have a towel hanging on the stove that he can just grab to wipe his hands on. That sparked the idea for the added hanger that we include with out sets.

Now you ask, where can I get a set of these? You are in luck! We have added 4 sets to our Etsy shop in 4 different print combinations and are working to add more. So if you don't see a set you like, check back often as the store will continually grow.


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